Gentle Family Dentistry



Bill & Sue F. | 6-01-15

Our family has been privileged to be in Dr. Cheri Bloom's care for over three years now. We came to Dr. Bloom after having been in the care

Linda K. | 3-04-14

I just wanted to thank you for always being so nice and patient ... truly appreciated.

Jackie S. | 3-26-13

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new teeth! They are perfect and I appreciate the attention to detail.

Brenda L. | 3-28-12

You are the very best dentist I have ever had! Thank you.

Regina L. | 2-01-12

You are a most gracious lady! Thank you so much for coming into the office when a crown on my front tooth broke

Sharon A. | 4-07-11

I just wanted you all to know how much I miss your dental care, your office staff, and the great hygienists. Thank you so much for your wonderful care.

Jim & Carol | 1-24-11

It can be stressful moving to a new town and looking for a new dentist, doctor, etc. We got lucky though - my sister already lived here and she recommended Dr. Cheri

Rita Holley | 7-13-10

She has had extensive work to do and has done a really great job. We would and have recommended Dr. Bloom's office to friends. Her staff is excellent, both front office and

Frank D. Clovis, DVM | 11-25-09

Cheri is always thorough, gentle, and knows when to show some humor while addressing my dental concerns.

John K. | 6-22-14

Cheri, it was your medical wisdom and personal care in taking the time to call me that led me to choose the proper treatment.

Pat P. | 11-29-13

I think Dr. Bloom is the best family dentist in Coeur d'Alene. She is fast but very gentle.

Pat H. | 1-05-13

A huge thank you to you and your staff for helping my step-son Mark on New Year's Eve. Mark raved about your skill.

Lynn T. | 2-13-12

Just a quick note to say thank you. My new bridge is really comfortable! I'm so happy with it that I can't wait to get the rest of my restorations done.

Jenny T. | 7-14-11

Thank you, Cheri, and all your caring, outstanding staff, for the excellent care you've given me.

Lynn T. | 2-04-11

I just wanted to say thank you. I ENJOY MY DENTIST APPOINTMENTS! Never in the world would I believe I'd ever hear myself say that.

Ava Rodgers | 11-18-10

Due to her calm, caring but confident way I am no longer afraid of having dental procedures. I highly recommend Dr. C. Bloom!

Lori Klassen | 4-12-10

Dr. Bloom was there for me when I needed her most. I had an accident where I was being cared for in the hospital. I was accidentally dropped on my face and broke

Richard & Charlotte Bland | 11-10-09

Dr. Bloom exemplifies the best of our dental experience. She is fast, proficient and highly trained.

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